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isn’t it funny how widely appropriated chinese (and other east asian) aesthetics and culture are yet hardly anyone wants to recognise us like they just continue to take and take yet point at and laugh about us because we’re literally nothing but jokes in the west, but people still want what is ours, just not us. we get mocked for these things while others are praised for taking them! they will tattoo our languages onto their bodies and find it hilarious when we speak them. we are barely in the charts, on television, in the box office like where is our representation? some guy using an exaggerated fake accent who was only cast to serve as comic relief? orientalist collections and styling on the runway when we have so many talented designers who incorporate features of our traditional dresses already? people will happily take but they won’t give us anything at all lmao

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are u ever out with ur friends and u can’t stop thinking about a song and all u wanna do is go home and sit in the dark and listen to that song 45 times in a row

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escalators are better than elevators because when escalators break they turn into stairs but when elevators break they turn into vertical coffins

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Everyone has a gay cousin. If you don’t have a gay cousin, then you might be the gay cousin

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  • mom: how long are you going to listen to that song
  • me: centuries
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